Friday, July 13, 2007

The little things

It's been a good week, I'm way behind at work and yet it doesn't bother me. There's always going to be something I can't finish. I'm just enjoying my summer.

And it's been a plenty good week in terms of little accomplishments:

- secured a last-minute reservation for Yosemite (I'm training for a big hiking adventure in the fall; someone cancelled and I scooped up the camp site)

- redeemed some mileage for tickets to Hawaii for a long Labor Day weekend (got vacation, will use)

- rode my bike to work after promising myself that I'd do this for the past three months (it's not that far and yet it's so easy to just drive like so many other people)

- arrange to have an information chat with someone (career research)

- watched a minor league baseball game with friends

- received a free tin of Spicy Maya Hot Chocolate drink for commenting that I was disappoint with how a local cafe prepared it (here's to hoping I can make it at home as well as they do at their Chuao shops)

This weekend, I'm going to go browse all the clearance sales and hang out with friends. I love summer. Somehow it always fills up with fun things.

Now if I could just find time to actually clean my place... ;)

1 comment:

teahouse said...

Hooray for summers!! Sounds like yours has been going very well so far.

I LOVE minor league baseball games. They're so much more fun than MLB.