Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Test of like

As I've been trying to figure out what to do with my dates, some questions have come to mind. When you're unsure about someone you've met, is that in and of itself enough of a feeling to say, "this isn't going to work out?"

(And note, these are to be distinguished from answers that people could give due that are driven by underlying pretentiousness, vanity, infatuation, obsession or other things that aren't love.)

Good things to ask yourself after a few dates:

1) Would you want to introduce him to your friends?

2) How do you feel about kissing him?

3) When you see it's him calling, how do you react?

4) How far ahead do you feel comfortable including him in your plans?

Any other suggestions you have from experience that you found are good indicators for relationships?


zerodoll said...

are there butterflies?

Pandax said...

I don't know if I can still get butterflies... it's been a long time.

zerodoll said...

no no! don't give up on butterflies! you do deserve them! (but also realize they probably won't happen on the first date off a dating site.)

Grace said...

how does your pet react?

how does he react when something goes wrong?

do you feel proud 9 or at least accepting and content) when you see how he treats other people (for example, staff at a restaurant or bar)?

i'm sure people could come up with lots of these...

but i know from experience that any type of 'prediction' as to how a relationship will unfold, is pretty tricky.