Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wrapping it up

As of Friday, I have accepted a job offer. What I didn't realize is that that was the easy part.

For the past day or so, I've been stressing myself out over when to quit. It turns out that it's rather complicated when you factor in getting time off between jobs, health insurance, and personal standards of etiquette.

My new boss would like me to start as soon as possible. She'll be gone for vacation in May and wants to make sure we have enough time to get me started with the new work. The drop dead time to start would be April 28th. We both agree, however, that starting the 14th would be ideal. (I will be getting stock options, so if I start before the 15th, I may get a better strike price.)

Somewhere in this time frame I'd like to take a little time off. Honestly, a relative is visiting and I need to clean house. Plus, I need to do my taxes. Then, it might be nice to use some of that time to do *fun* wedding stuff like shopping for dresses, invitations, and favors. I'm realizing that one week might not be enough.

As for where I'm sitting now, I've always been of the standard approach of giving two weeks notice. I was supposed to go on a business trip this weekend to take around my colleague who have never been to conference before. I'm on the fence about going as it is. I feel bad about not being there for her. I presume that if I give notice, they'll tell me not to go.

I still have more than one week of vacation accrued that I'd prefer to use than cash out. I know from others who have left the company, however, that HR is highly unlikely to allow me to take vacation after I give notice. Complicating matters, I have learned that my health insurance ends the same day I exit the company. There could be time off where I am technically on my own if I have an accident. I would have the option for COBRA but the forms don't come for a month. Therefore you pay out of pocket and then get retroactively reimbursed for any claims.

As I see it (unless someone's got a better idea) these are my options:

1) Resign immediately giving one week's notice (3rd), take one week off (with COBRA backup), and start work on the 14th.

2) Go on the business trip, take next week off, give one week's notice, and start work on the 14th.

3) Give notice today to leave by the 10th, still take 4th off, and start new job on the 14th.

4) Any of the above options but not start the new job until the 21st and risk needing the COBRA insurance and letting go on the stock price.

Even though I have every right to quit at any time, I feel a little weird about not saying anything or giving barely a weeks notice. After all, you also have to think about possibly running into these higher ups at some workplace in the future. Sometimes it sucks to have such a strong conscience.

ARGH. I think too much don't I?


zerodoll said...

from everything you've said here, the company has shown its workers very little loyalty. while i get showing loyalty to your higher-ups and coworkers, i bet they'd all understand if you quit today!

Sitcomgirl said...

Agree with Z on the company not showing any loyalty to others and you shouldn't feel bad about quitting right now.
But, here's my take. Say something came up and take your week's vacation immediately (taking it rather than cashing it out generally helps tax-wise. if you cash out it's a bonus and taxed higher). Give notice while on vacation (say you will come back for a couple days and that's it)and then you can have more time off for the fun stuff. As for the COBRA/insurance problem. You have 30 days to get the COBRA from when you lose insurance, assuming you get insurance immediately upon starting the new job, you won't need the COBRA until something happens, since it works retroactively you are covered. In that, hey if something happens you apply for it and get reimbursed, or if nothing happens you don't apply and just saved yourself a few hundred dollars.
So to be more concise, start vacation tomorrow, call Thurs and give 1 week notice. go back to the office Thurs and Friday next week and you are free til the 14th!

Pandax said...

It's tough to start a new job by disappointing the new boss, but I decided to delay my start date by one week. I want more time to see if I can get some wedding stuff out of the way.

My temporary boss is a real stickler for policy. Any other boss and I could do whatever I want. I'll give him a choice, either allow me to still take vacation next week and then I'll finish out the following week, or just finish the next week of work and leave.

I still hate the idea of COBRA versus real insurance (especially given I am still recovering from my viral cold), but there's no other choice.

teahouse said...

Gosh, your situation sounds like mine. I just started a job last month, and now I've got my wedding in less than a month! Try to negotiate lots of time off for your wedding stuff if you can!