Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two Cents

Don't get me wrong, I'm really thankful for all the good news that has graced my world in the past couple weeks. I'm now happily engaged and have a company that would like to hire me.

Still it's really frustrating because there are SO many variables and so little time. For example, I started interviewing for two jobs in January. Both managers implied they needed someone ASAP. Now, it's nearing the end of March and only one has made me an offer. When I called the 2nd company back, she wanted to chat with me for a 3rd time. After explaining my situation but expressing my interest in being able to consider them, she couldn't extend me an offer. She explained that they felt they were still early in the hiring process although I certainly has a friendly personality that would fit well with the company. It's been two months... how long are they expecting this to take?

Oh well, so I will be accepting the other job offer. Really, it's a job that I'm excited about, just not the commute part. I'll be going from using one tank of gas per two weeks to probably more than one tank per week. Ouch! It also means much more time away from home. That's something I haven't had to deal with for more than two years. I'm spoiled, I admit it. There are also some other extenuating issues that I have not been able to negotiate to my satisfaction, but I'll have to live with losing those perks.

Meanwhile, the wedding drama continues. Just when I thought Tim and I agreed on everything, we found a place we liked even better. They are both beautiful sites. Though when I asked Tim, he said, "on a 10-point scale the guild is a 9 and the tribute is a 4." I didn't think they were THAT dramatically different, but it's nice to see that something impacted him.

Now, we're trying to rearrange to get this place. It means losing our preferred photographer and shelling out a couple thousand more, but we'll both be happy. The drama is that I can't talk to the dinner manager because it's his day off. I have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, there is another couple looking at the ceremony site. If they choose to submit an application AND payment before I can get there tomorrow, we're out of luck! ARGH!

Then there's this dreaded feeling inside that I might be encroaching upon Chi's wedding. I haven't talked to her in over one month. She was just beginning the wedding site selection process when I left for New Zealand. Imagine the horror if we chose the same date, or the unthinkable, the same location! I see her Sunday and I pray that we're not on the same wedding wavelength.


Sitcomgirl said...

So I was away from blogworld for the week and look you have such amazing news!! Congratulations!!!

teahouse said...

OMG..sorry I'm chiming in late, but congratulations!!!

Welcome to the dark side!