Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Right turns

In prepartion for my upcoming vacation, I ordered a sport skirt online. I figure since I'll be going to a place where the temperature is averaging 22C to 26C that I can enjoy wearing a few skirts and allow my pale legs to get some sun.

Alas, I ordered on Saturday morning so the package was not processed until Monday afternoon. I had hoped I stood a chance of it arriving on Friday since UPS has 3-6 day shipping.

I've been anxiously checking the shipping status every day. And today, I was really annoyed and perplexed at the route my package has taken. It start in Chattanooga on Monday and arrive in Knoxville early the next morning. It sat at the location for 24 hours before being sent to Nashville. Why did it have to sit around for an entire day? Today, it left Nashville for some unknown destination.

What perplexes me is my discovery of the route. If you look at a map of Tennessee, you'll see that the three cities and connecting freeways form a triangle with Chattanooga at the bottom, Knoxville off to the right, and Nashville at the top left. So... if there's a highway that connects Chattanooga to Nashville, why did my package have to spend two days to travel 291 miles via Knoxville when it would have been in Nashville on Tuesday after driving only 134 miles?

Is this part of that new policy about only making right turns? A union thing?

Sigh... I guess that skirt will just have to wait until the summer to see daylight. No matter, I'm going on vacation with Tim and we're gonna have an awesome time!


Sitcomgirl said...

I drive myself crazy all the time checking the status of shipments. They never make sense, and inevitably sit in two spots for over 24 hours.
With Christmas presents I had one that sat in IL and IN for over 24 hours.
At least you will be on vacation with Tim! And somewhere warm! Have fun :)

teahouse said...

Well, I hope you're having a nice time!!