Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Something's coming

Yesterday afternoon, I was asked to provide some data for a project. Since the bigwig was out, I headed up to the VP of finance's office to leave the information.

As I approached his office door, I observed the window above the closed door was dark. I debated where to leave the memo as I approached presuming he was not there. The executive admin was busy talking on the phone. I started to turn around when I heard some muffled talk. I walked back toward the office door to determine whether it was coming from his office or the one next door.

Sure enough, I could hear a high-pitched, male voice from behind the VP door. It was garbled, but I did manage to clearly hear, "but this severance package is not good."

Describing what went through my head is like trying to catch a cloud:
- someone's speaking up for themselves
- some manager is defending his group
- there really is something coming
- we're about to get cheated
- they might actually tell us what's going on, finally

I wish I could have stood there longer, but that would have been way too obvious. I walked back over to the admin's cube and left her with the memo.

Thursday tends to be the notification day. Every Wednesday I wonder if some mysterious and vagur e-mail or voicemail will slip into my inbox during the night to greet me in the morning. It's not a matter of "if" just "when."

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teahouse said...

Hey, stress and uncertainty at work are always no fun. I hope that you get through this whole experienced as unscathed as possible. I went through a law firm merger, and it was a lot like this - lots of nervousness in the hallways.