Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spam wasn't so bad until Africa

We all get spammed, it's a fact of life. The one account I've had since forever gets a decent amount of spam. Fortunately, I learned early after giving my e-mail to someone whom I later learned worked for a spam-like company. I still think she sold my name as part of a list. These days, I get a lot of untitled e-mails and lame attempts titled "You have an e-card!"

My general e-mail account gets an enormous amount of spam. Within days, the junk folder gets up into the hundreds. It's rare there's anything worthwhile to look at unless I'm interested in my pharmacy prescription, Rolex watches, secret shopping, a larger penis, and $500 gifts cards.

Another account I have originally meant to be a spam account but ended up being an online dating account. Occasionally, I'd sign up for mailings from stores. For three years I didn't get a single piece of spam.

Recently, I slipped and used the e-mail address to inquire about a room reservation for a hotel in Africa. Yipes, was that a mistake. I swear it has to be because of this one contact. Now, I'm getting the most obnoxious kind of e-mail I've ever seen. The subtle titles I get on my other accounts have been amusing and suggestive. Whatever list my third account has been put on is down right annoying. The titles I have today, like "hookers" and "cheap sluts." What if I was a kid? At least my e-mails titled "Penis enlargement" are somewhat more... health related.

I know I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure it was due to this hotel. ARGH!!! I hate to perpetuate the bad image about African countries, but this doesn't help with my impression that they have some crooked people over there. I'm a nice girl, I don't want to see this stuff. Oh well, time to ditch that account!

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