Monday, September 24, 2007

New chapters

It's all about television this week. Besides going to the gym and having a crack in my wall inspected, my eyes will be glued to the tv virtually every night this week.

The new tv show season has started and I'm so excited!!!

Monday - "How I Met Your Mother," "Dancing with the Stars" (in between other shows), and "Heroes"

Tuesday - "Bones" and "House"

Wednesday - "Kitchen Nightmares," maybe "Bionic Woman

Thursday - "Survivor" (we'll see how long I last) and "Grey's Anatomy"

Friday - Has there been anything good on Fridays since "X-Files?"

Saturday - FOOTBALL

Yikes, this is a lot of tv... and when January rolls around I'll finally get to watch "Lost."

Sometimes I think about all the interesting things other people I know do at night, like work, read, volunteer, hobbies. That's when I wonder if I should enrich myself with something or join some professional society to broaden my mind and hone my skills. But damn, it's just so nice to kick back and relax.


teahouse said...

Hey, I agree!! Everyone needs downtime! I've never liked to fill up all of my non-working hours with activities. After a while it's just not relaxing and fun anymore.

Enjoy the tv schedule!

zerodoll said...

one word: Tivo.

Anna May Won't said...

that's a great summary. i was wondering how i was going to remember all the shows i "have to" watch. :)

on thursday, i'll be catching the office premiere, and as for friday, intervention all the way, baby. wanna feel better about yourself? just watch those folks.

Pandax said...

Huh, my comment didn't post... .

[sigh] Yes, I'd love to have Tivo or cable, but I'm trying to be good an stick to my antenna-available HD channels. I refuse to pay the ransom the cable company wants to charge me.

Besides, it's great to watch live because then there's no chance of someone spoiling it for you. Plus, it's a great excuse to have a social gathering. :)