Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've got a penny

I admit it... I couldn't resist when I read the blurb in the newspaper. Yes, I went to the website for the octuplets. It's so pathetic that I can't even garner the courage to post it here because I have such negative feeling about this woman.

It's a simple page showing small pictures of each of the babies. It's all cutesy with crayons and hearts all over the page. There are only two buttons on the page, each of which are located once at the top of the page, and once in the bottom corner. One link is supposed to allow you to leave comments for the family, the second is a link to give you the opportunity to donate money for the babies. Can you say "gag?"

For fun, I clicked on each of the links. First, I tried the comment buttons, both of them. For a fleeting moment I wished I was clever enough to post something that seemed kind on the surface but actually insulting with some analysis. No matter, I couldn't help smile when the page turned white with a couple sentences at the top saying that the page I was looking for could not be found. How much do you want to bet more negative postings were submitted than friendly ones.

When I clicked on the other button, the one to donate money to the family, there was no problem linking me through to PayPal. The webpage does also provide an address for mailing contributions and other donations to the family. I was wondering what they'd do if I sent them one penny in an envelope?

The news announced today that the grandmother is in foreclosure on the house where all 14 children are supposed to live. Really, I feel horrible for the children but I just can't feel sorry for the family given that the parents have supported their daughter despite her bad decisions and she is clearly being selfish. She needs to learn a lesson the hard way. Maybe she'll actually spend some of the money she's now earned from the tabloids to help her mother pay for the house?

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teahouse said...

I'm with you there..the whole thing is horrifying and revolting to me, for so many reasons.

That said, the children are innocent, so I hope that they are taken care of. It's not their fault that they were brought into this world they way they were, and hopefully they'll have somewhere to live!