Thursday, January 03, 2008

Grizzly Men

So stayed up late last night to watch the late night talk shows. I was curious to see their monologues.

First, I fought with my rabbit ears trying to get a clear signal for NBC. While my tv debated letting me watch, I turned to CBS to peek at Letterman. Wow, what a beard! Combined with the small, round glasses he could make for a decent, young Santa Claus. His Top 10 list was great.

Then, I dared keep myself awake until Conan appeared. Yipes, another beard! When you add the pompadourish, red hair, you get one freaky looking man. The best thing was that he stated he was growing this to prove he has testosterone and then compared himself to the young Kris Kringle from that classic stop-motion animation show. His opening was much more entertaining than Leno. Gosh, I can't wait until he is in the 11:30pm time slot.

So what is it with the grizzly man look? I guess it was entertaining, but how long is this going to continue. Could you find a better way to show solidarity with the writers? After all, how are women supposed to match that... by not shaving their legs?


teahouse said...

I'm into the slightly grizzly look. There's a fine line between just enough grizzle (say, not shaving for a couple of days) and way too much grizzle (say, a full beard).

Pandax said...

I really did like Dave's beard. With Conan, I think it just made his odd too long.

A little five o'clock shadow can be very attractive, until you want to kiss them and get stubble burn. ;)