Friday, January 04, 2008

Checking out

This is a message to a co-worker who's sense of responsibility seems to have gone awry:

Dear Cheetah,

We're concerned about you as we haven't heard from you since the week before Xmas. You didn't inform anyone about your vacation plans. You don't do as you expect others to do for you. Could you please give us a call and just check in? We can only assume that we might see you on Monday.

I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but your attitude towards work is inappropriate and premature. We understand your boss is gone, he was ours too. You've always worked with this notion that you are solely employed to support him, and that's not true. Just because he's gone and you firmly believe that you will be laid off soon doesn't mean it's okay to disregard the rest of us and not appear at work.

For all we know, you may be in the hospital after some car accident over the holidays, but your attitude of late makes us believe otherwise. I know times are tough for you with your personal struggles, but it's not an excuse. Until you are officially notified that you will lose your job, you should be here with us.

Hen and I talked just the other day about our disappointment and frustration with you. Perhaps you don't have enough to keep you busy all day, but we do need your help from time to time. You keep talking about getting the opportunity to advance yourself. Why can't you see this is a chance to help out with people here and learn new skills?

Ignoring us, there is Scuba. He has taken over where your boss left. We've tried to point out to you that he could use your help despite what you think. Hen suggested to you that you offer your assistance to him and ask whether there are things you could do for him. You have done nothing; you never even talked to him.

Many of us believe that it's important to maintain a decent work ethic and good relationships regardless of the situation. You will run into all of us again and want to demonstrate that you are a reliable person and a team player. This morning, you have jeopardized that image. Scuba needed some help and you were not here. Once you get your pink slip, it is okay to shirk your duties a little - it's expected but not until then.

We're still here. We don't have a ton of things to do, but we're here if someone needs us. We're here because we have a responsibility to keep the wheels turning and be good citizens. You may think no one will care and that it doesn't matter what you do now that the boss is gone, but we notice. I wish you would understand. I know you can be a good person. I want you to succeed in life, but I worry that these lapses in judgment handicap your path to a happier life.


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teahouse said...

Hhmm..could you guys call the cops? If he/she's really ok and just being a slacker, it might embarrass him/her enough to jolt him/her back to work...