Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spontaneous Opera

For lunch sometimes, I like to get out of the building and walk down the block to a city park. The park is next door to a well-known high-tech company full of young and ambitious people. I often see groups playing soccer, practicing martial arts, or playing ultimate on the grassy field.

I like to go and enjoy a little sun and fresh air. I have lofty dreams of getting asked out as I sit on the park bench, but the odds are low. It's nice to get away from the computer and listen to the wind blow.

One time, I sat on a park bench reading a travel book. Behind me, I could detect the faint sound of music. It was a man singing what I gradually realized was opera. When I turned around, I realized it was actually a live person, not just some car blasting music.

The guy cut through the park, singing some operatic piece, walking along as if nothing were out of the ordinary. I couldn't help stare a bit wondering the occasion for this show. He headed for an Acura parked on the curb. Never did he pause in his singing. I'm no opera expert, but it sounded pretty good. He opened his trunk and one of the rear passenger doors. I think he glanced my way briefly as he went about his business.

I was intrigued that he would sing so loudly in public. A few cars passed by, but there were no other pedestrians in the area. Sure, people sing when they're in a happy mood, but how often do you hear someone belt out opera walking down the street?

By the time he closed the trunk and locked the doors, I realized that he had changed clothes. Nothing fancy but better than a t-shirt and he was also carrying a garment bag. Headed back towards the building, he continued his operatic tune. Sometime just after he passed me, he stopped. Either he finished or was near enough to the building that he decided to wrap it up.

I should have clapped. I hope I get to hear him again sometime.

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teahouse said...

Oooh, a roving opera singer!! Pretty cool.

Maybe his garment bag had his costume for that night's performance.