Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Now pouring Coke

I was on the United.com website the other day an noticed this headline below their main page art - "Now pouring Coke on most United flights."

I recall some time in the past hearing people talk about the choices of beverages on flights and how one airline (who's name I cannot recall) had switched to only serving one brand's line of beverages.

I think it's funny how loyal (or picky) people are about what carbonated beverages they are willing to drink. In one of those e-mail chains where you share answers with friends, I remember my cousin answering "Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi, it took a long time to convert." It was interesting because she bothered to comment on it. I can't help wonder what caused the conversion (maybe the kids?) and how dramatic a change it has made in day to day life.

I myself don't drink much soda in the first place. As a kid, we used to have it around all the time. We had stock piles of 2-liter bottles and 12-packs of soda piled up in the garage. It's the result of buying when things are on sale and even cheaper with promotional coupons. We had so much that some of the rotten neighborhood kids took notice and would steal from our garage if we left it open.

Strangely, the minute I went to college, soda all but disappeared from my eating habits. In addition to prefering other drinks like juices, I think I got scared by the fact that they say Coke is a good solvent for cleaning car batteries. Yipes! And, if you leave an egg in a glass of Coke, it with gradually soften the shell. I just worries me what all the Coke must do to teeth enamel. Now, I tend to swish a little water around my mouth after I finish drinking soda.

On those occasion when I have a itch for a cola, I probably would choose Coke. I don't particularly like sweet drinks. I need to have ice so that it dilutes the sugar. I wonder if I'd like soda better if they had real sugar in them rather than all the high fructose corn syrup junk.

It's probably a good thing. I'd like to think I'm a bit healthier not consuming a thirsty-two ouncer every day. I think I have a can of root beer in the refrigerator at home that's been there for... months. Maybe.


Pargolo said...

i am not a large consumer of soda either, but you might want to know that you can order soda made with cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup, online. Both coca cola and dr. pepper. Given that i'm lazy, i usually run to Whole Foods and get cola there - that's made with cane sugar.

Sitcomgirl said...

Yeah I stopped with soda in general when I could clean the rust off a bike chain with Coke. That can't be good for your insides.

teahouse said...

Yes, soda is evil!! It's good that you are not in the habit of drinking it. My parents never let us drink it when we were kids..partially because we got so many cavities.