Monday, September 12, 2005

Hello and where do you live?

Do I have a billboard on my back that says, "Help me, I'm desperate for a man?" I know EV's mom means the best for me, but these attempts to set me up are bizarre. Of the three people my mother's friends have tried to set me up with, none of them have roots in the area. Why is it okay to arrange meetings between people who potentially live hundreds of miles apart?

1) Guy in Taiwan: His selling point was that he *might* be moving back to the states. Yeah, uh, okay.

2) Guy in Vancouver: Okay, he seems like a decent set up. For once I'd say they chose a bit more appropriately. But really, how is this supposed to work if we like each other? My mom's reponse was, oh I'm sure he'd be willing to come visit you every week or two. I feel uncomfortable imposing on his time like that. This is no way to establish a relationship with someone. I don't even have the capability to dial internationally from my home phone.

3) EV's mom wants me to sit next to the 1st cousin, who is a physician, at her wedding. Oh, and did we mention, in two months he's moving to St. Louis. Yeah, that's a good time to start a relationship. At the wedding, his name card got moved around (not by me, by accident) and he ended up sitting across. Well, he didn't seem to be very excited to be there. He did attempt to make conversation with the woman next to him, the groom's sister. But otherwise, I don't feel he made much effort to talk to people further away from him at the table. I just didn't like the displeased look on his face.

Come on. If I had one request for people out there who want to set friends or children up on dates, I'd ask them to first meet the other person and ask themselves if this person is a potential fit. Even my own mother admits a couple of the guys seemed inappropriate. This is not something you do randomly, PLEASE think through what the two people are like before you force them to spend three hours together over dinner. The Asian mentality of, they'll get along because their both [insert your nationality here] is too simplistic. You know your friend/child at least enough to have an idea of their personality and what won't work.

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