Friday, July 11, 2008

Things one learns from Polaroids

As a new Polaroid junkie, I joined Flickr to read and learn more about how to modify my cameras for different film, how to maintain it, and how to take better pictures.

A couple weeks ago there was a strangely titled posted "Beware of books..." that I had initially ignored because it didn't seem technical in nature. But after seeing dozens of posts added to this discuss each day, my curiosity got the best of me. The original post was followed by many comments expressing humor, joy, entertainment, gratitude, amazement, etc. With no explanation or embellishment, the first posting was simply a link to this. (WARNING: Careful about viewing this in a public space due to details in the photo - rated "R") How could I resist looking?

There isn't much to say. Nothing really surprises me these days. I wouldn't mind having one of the books for fun. As a kid I remember seeing one on a "3-2-1 Contact: The Bloodhound Gang" episode and was tempted to try and create my own using construction paper. I'm impressed with the guy's carving skills. ;)

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